JUKE is proud to offer our token holders limited edition Connected Shirts featuring the licensed dynamic poster artwork in collaboration with Brightstream AI.

These shirts are enabled with NFC technology and connected to a user's JUKE wallet, allowing for authenticated ownership over the collectibles associated. The Ace Ventura shirts will connect to each owner’s unique Ace Ventura Frame.

All you do is bump the Brightstream patch with your device to pull up your digital collectible verifying ownership of your Frame.

You will find a “click to purchase shirt” button on your Frame beginning February 27th for pre order. 

Pre order your shirt by accessing your collection here.

There are only 1000 editions of the Common shirts and 200 editions of the Rare shirts made available. Your shirt will correspond to either your Common or Rare tiered collectible.

If ownership of your Frame is transferred, then the physical item (the shirt) will continue to show that it is authentic, but the token that has been sold to a new holder will show that the current shirt is no longer directly tied to the original token holder. 

This is a meaningful update to us as we continue to increase our utility offerings, combining physical and digital worlds for our film and TV fans— After all, fandoms are meant to be expressed and experienced together. JUKE believes that phygital utility is a great first step in activating our community around the movies and TV shows we all love. 

We can’t wait to see your shirts!

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Discord: https://discord.gg/82SK8uhcNK